DeskAlerts Skin Services

DeskAlerts notification system is known as fully customizable solution. “Style templates” feature, also known as “Alert skins”, was introduced in DeskAlerts version 5. Many of our clients want to style pop-up notifications their own way or brand their DeskAlerts software with corporate styles and logo, and that’s what Skin Services are for.

Skin Services are always done by our technical specialists. All you need to do after service purchasing is to send us the graphics design of desired DeskAlerts agent / alert windows appearance.

Usual Skin Service

Basic Skin Service enables you to:

  • Change look of DeskAlerts Client by styling it with your logo and colors
  • Change colors and markup of default alert skin template. This affects only pop-up messages appearance.
  • In other skins provided with DeskAlerts Server by default, DeskAlerts logo will be replaced by yours.

DeskAlerts custom alert skin example

Skin Pro Service

Skin Pro service is used for deeper customization and provides you with following:

  • Scrolling ticker branding for one skin
  • Up to 5 alert skins
  • Ability to change your skins up to 3 times
  • Branding DeskAlerts Control Panel with your logo and colors.

DeskAlerts custom alert skin example

DeskAlerts custom ticker skin example

DeskAlerts custom control panel skin example