Internal Communication Plan: Why and How to Develop

With the progress in the way organizations try to improve the employees’ performance, more and more companies resort to creating an employee communication plan. Human Resources (HR) or Organizational Development (OD) teams are asked to develop and implement an internal communications plan. If you are new to this, this article might come in handy.

The need for an internal communication plan:

In the research studies conducted by Gallup, about 69% of the employees are either not-engaged on their job or are actively disengaged on the job that they do.… Read more

DeskAlerts – Desktop Alerts-Customized vs. Pre-Packaged Solutions

DeskAlerts – Desktop Alerts-Customized vs. Pre-Packaged Solutions

DeskAlerts customized alerts can do so much for your communication needs. Learn more today and put these alerts to work for your business.

Desktop alerts are a hot topic as of late. So many businesses are looking for more effective communication tools and these alerts seem to deliver, time and time again. There are plenty of different options out there, including pre-packaged software solutions that claim to be the answer to all of your problems. However, if you have a business that needs personalized attention, you might benefit more from customized alert solutions.

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