Effective Employee Engagement Survey

Steps to Create an Effective Employee Engagement Survey

The level of engagement of your employees can affect your company’s efficiency, productivity and the bottom line financially.

You might have a rough idea of how engaged your employees are, but you could also be way off the mark. An effective way to measure the levels of employee engagement in your organization is through an employee engagement survey.

By surveying your staff you can gather valuable feedback and, if appropriate, use it to make changes to your company on your employees’ behalf.  If implemented correctly, you can then optimize the engagement of employees and improve your organization’s performance.

To effectively gauge the mood of your employees, you should endeavor to measure the pride they feel in your organization, their intention to remain with the company, their motivation to exceed expectations.Read more

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How Email Overload Affects and Challenges Your Business

If you ever feel as though you are drowning in emails, you’re not alone. The battle to tame the inbox is one of the most frustrating aspects of life in the 21st century office. This major source of workplace angst and frustration is also an essential business tool, so even if we’d like to, we can’t just get rid of it.


It’s no wonder we’re all feeling swamped. The average number of emails an office worker receives each day is 121. It’s estimated that workers spend around 28 per cent of their working week managing emails. This adds up to around 650 hours a year.… Read more

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Create Your Own Employee Survey Template.

The Employee Survey Template: A Guide to Designing Your Own Employee Survey.

Whether your business is experiencing revenue losses, low morale and overall low performance, you must take measures to improve workplace conditions and to meet your goals. Buy even when your company seems to be doing fine with everything under control, it would not hurt to strive for greater efficiency, more profit and better employee engagement to drive them.

Employee Engagement: Driver of Success

While customers are said to be the lifeblood of every business, businesses must not put all their focus on them.… Read more

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Creating An Effective Corporate Communication Strategy

For fast growing companies, it is critical that an important message gets delivered reliably and fast. An outdated corporate communication strategy could cause messages to get lost in the shuffle.

The top tools for an effective corporate communication strategy:

  •  Send messages with reading confirmation to make sure your messages are delivered and read
  • Add multimedia to your communication such as video, flash, images and HTML.
  • Deliver information using attachments including including digitally signed documents.
  • Schedule your communications sending messages to specific date and time.
Read more
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