How Cyber Attacks Affect Your Business

Cybercrime is big business for cybercriminals. The British insurance company Lloyds estimates that the damage inflicted on businesses around the world costs about $400 billion every year.  This figure includes the amount of damage caused directly by the attack, plus the disruption it causes in its wake.


While recent high-profile attacks such as the WannaCry ransomware attack show that large organizations such as the UK’s National Health Service are vulnerable, the reality is even businesses that don’t make the headlines are at risk as well.

In fact, Microsoft estimates that around 20% of small to medium-sized businesses have been targeted by cybercriminals.… Read more

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emergency notification system

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Emergency System

When disaster strikes, the actions of your staff and your ability to recover in the aftermath and resume normal operations will only be as good as your emergency notification system. No matter how robust your disaster preparedness plan or how often you drill staff on emergency processes and procedures, your reaction times and emergency plan execution will only ever be as good as your mass notification system. If you can’t notify your employees about an emergency, or struggle to do so effectively in the face of disaster, your entire organization – and perhaps even your staff – will be at risk.… Read more

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Streamline Internal Communication with Desktop Alert Software

Effective internal communication is important in any organization, whether it is an established institution or a start-up eager to make its mark. Through internal communication, a company can ensure that all members of the organization, from the executives, middle managers to the rank and file, are working collaboratively towards achieving a common goal. It also helps in developing a corporate culture, and leads to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Use Desktop Alert Software to:

  • Send text, video and images as desktop alerts, mobile alerts, screensavers and wallpapers.
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