Manage Email Overload with DeskAlerts

When email was introduced to the corporate world, it was supposed to help streamline communications, making companies more connected and efficient. The reality is it has become one of the biggest time-wasting activities unleashed on the workforce, and a major source of frustration.


The average office worker is spending around 28% of their time managing their email inbox, according to a recent survey. This amount of time is even more for more senior employees.

Email overload has several negative impacts as a result of both the constant interruptions it poses, as well as staff having to process high-volumes of email.… Read more

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Managing Cyber Security Crises with DeskAlerts

High-profile cyber security breaches such as the recent WannaCry virus shine a spotlight on how prepared – or unprepared – organizations are to deal with security crises.

Cyber criminals are finding more and more ways to infiltrate computer networks using a range of tactics, from malware and phishing to ransomware and hacking to compromise computer systems, steal data and hold entire businesses to ransom.


The best way to manage a cyber security attack is to put measures in place to avoid the situation in the first place. This includes having good security systems, keeping software up-to-date and patched, not using outdated and unsupported software and providing staff with cyber security training.… Read more

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5 Best Practices for Internal Communication

Effective communication in the workplace has many benefits. When you commit to employee engagement through internal communication, your company only stands to benefit.

When you communicate with your employees, it’s important to not only focus on the messages you are delivering but also how you are communicating those messages.


These are some of the best practices for internal communication:

  1. Planning

One of the biggest mistakes that organizations make when they attempt to have a communication strategy internally is to take a cookie-cutter approach without determining their own unique needs and what they are hoping to achieve.

The template that your friend at Company Z sent you might not work within the unique corporate culture of  Company X.… Read more

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Healthcare Internal Communication

How to Create an Effective and Smart Internal Communication Strategy in Healthcare

Keeping your employees informed and engaged is important to many aspects of your organization. From productivity to ensuring you have a good reputation, good information-flow plays an important role.

When it comes to communicating internally, having a strategy in place is essential.

Healthcare Internal Communication


But before you create one, you should conduct an audit of your current healthcare communications efforts (or lack thereof) to gage your starting point.  How are employees currently communicated with? Is it working? If not, why not?

In communicating with your employees, you need to set goals, which should be in line with your healthcare organization’s overall business plans and strategies.… Read more

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improving communication with digital signage

Improving Communication in the Workplace with Digital Signage

Employee engagement is a critical aspect of any company that wants to achieve its business goals and to make sure that staff members are committed to their work and the business they work for. In order to achieve employee engagement, it is then important for businesses to focus on communication.

Effective communication in the workplace is representative of the company and what it stands for and values. It allows companies to go through rough patches and challenges with transparency and honesty, and it enables businesses to create a work environment that values inclusivity and involvement. While there are many ways to get employees engaged, forward-thinking businesses today have turned to digital solutions to make sure that employees are engaged and satisfied with their work and company.… Read more

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How Bad Communication Practices Affect the Workforce

Every successful business has good communication practices at its core. Communication is essential for businesses to function. Not only is it about disseminating necessary information, communicating with employees is about building strong work relationships founded on trust and commitment to company goals and objectives. Without good communication practices, employees have no clear path, goals are vague and are not easily determined, and there is very little opportunity for growth and progress. Projects that end up successful and leaders who inspire and motivate are rare in companies that do not focus on effective communication.

While the ability to communicate with employees was seen as a “soft” skill in the past, it is now considered necessary.… Read more

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Creating An Effective Corporate Communication Strategy

For fast growing companies, it is critical that an important message gets delivered reliably and fast. An outdated corporate communication strategy could cause messages to get lost in the shuffle.

The top tools for an effective corporate communication strategy:

  •  Send messages with reading confirmation to make sure your messages are delivered and read
  • Add multimedia to your communication such as video, flash, images and HTML.
  • Deliver information using attachments including including digitally signed documents.
  • Schedule your communications sending messages to specific date and time.
Read more
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