DeskAlerts Mobile Alert Will Keep Your Employees Updated Wherever They Are

mobile_alertNot all employees are stuck working inside the cubicles of the operations base. Some of them are sent on the field for sales work, marketing work, B2B endeavors, international meetings, and others.

This means they’re away from their desktop computers so you won’t be able to notify them with your desktop alerts. That’s why DeskAlerts made the Mobile Alert module so that you can send alerts to your employees while they’re on the move.

Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and save money in every department

DeskAlerts delivers benefits across a wide variety of uses. Unlike other internal messaging systems, DeskAlerts offers the advantages of completely customizable server and desktop configurations, the added functionality of instant-feedback surveys, the ability to send desktop alerts from any location, Active Directory and eDirectory integration, multi-domain support; centralized data storage – all in one, easy-to-use.

What does DeskAlerts Mobile Alerts enable me to do?

Through the Mobile Alert module, you can send text messages and add URLS to them to make your content more attractive and engaging.

What are the features of the Mobile Alerts Module?


Embeddable URL format

You can make actionable content by linking external pages through embeddable URLs. You can connect people to the correct web pages instead of having them type it up and consume more time.


Active Directory/eDirectory support

The platform enables synchronization across a limitless number of domains. This means all data within the network will be updated consistently across all its ends. Scheduled auto-synchronization is also possible using:


Message statistics

Message status reports will be sent to the server with recorded dates. This will allow the server to track messages down to particular users and connected individual devices.

Scheduled messaging

The Email Notification module allows users to schedule messages on a particular date and time, making it flexible according to your schedule, not the other way around.


Recurring messages

Not only can you automate message sending, but you can also send identical messages across the EAS network in customizable intervals in an automated fashion.


Support for all mobile devices

Whether your employees use iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry phones, or old analog phones, Mobile Alerts will work with them.


Short URL support

Mobile Alerts will shorten all the URLs you add on your text message alert to efficiently fit the character limit.


HTTP SMS Gateway support

You can send text messages to your mobile phone provider through an assortment of supported SMS Gateway service providers. This feature works in all countries.

Why do you have to use mobile message alert platforms in your organization?

Business team network on smart phone.These days, notification systems aren’t just used by the human resources, IT, and the communications departments. Now that the costs of mass notification messaging have become lower, organizations can now use them in all aspects of internal communication.

Most employees have their own phones, if not strictly smartphones. These mobile communication tools improved business activity in leaps and bounds, offering the workforce more freedom and flexibility to move around and outside the office and engage employees in their own tasks.

Mobile alert systems help organizations disseminate information easier. Through them, organizations can easily assemble response teams that will fix problems and cut down costs that involve too much hardware, material waste, time, and effort.

Since mobile alerts send messages to employees simultaneously, there will likely be fewer chances of at least one employee not acting upon the alert due to misinformation or lack of information.