With DeskAlerts Extended Statistics: You Can Monitor Your employees’ Responsiveness

statisticsAs a leader, you want to make sure that everyone will be updated with the latest information. How would you know if this is so? The best way to do this is to have auto-updating statistics sheet for the status of the messages you spread.

DeskAlerts created the Extended Statistics module for this exact purpose.

What does the Extended Statistics do?

With Extended Statistics, your DeskAlerts control panel will have its own enhanced date-marked statistics. All the results produce by users, as well as alerts and survey feedback will be recorded. This way you will know which ones did not get them.

What are the features of the Extended Statistics?


Message statistics

Message status reports will be sent to the server with recorded dates. This will allow the server to track messages down to particular users and connected individual devices.



Extended Statistics keeps all the data it receives and interpret them into a visual representation which you can analyze for yourself.


Exportation of data to .csv file.

Data can be exported into comma separated values format which will be visually rendered as tables with values in each cell. This cuts down data encoding time.


Widget support

Extended Statistics can accommodate data in widget format where you can constantly see data changes.

What are other things Extended Statistics can let me do?

It allows you to view a limitless range of information regarding DeskAlerts users, alerts, and surveys using Smart Activity Tracking, a discreet tool that determines the status of each alert and survey you send out to your people.

The technology enables you to know the finer details, like the number of alerts sent, the ones received, unread ones, and the ones that are unread and ignored right after.

The Overall Statistics page

You enter this page by default. It contains a dashboard area where stat widgets you need to know can be added.

Be reminded that having more than enough widgets can slow down the processing time of the page that can result in timeout errors. When you experience such slowdowns, get rid of the widgets that take too much calculation time.

  • Alert statistics. This display shows a summary of information about the alerts you sent. The list starts with the latest one you sent out.
  • Alert statistics details. This is the list of users who received, acknowledged, and didn’t receive your alerts. This is sorted per alert.
  • User statistics. This shows the summary of the information about the users in your network, starting with the most recently active.
  • User statistics details. This is the list of users who received, acknowledged, and didn’t receive your alerts. This is sorted per user.
  • Survey statistics. This shows the summary of information about surveys, starting with the most recently sent out.
  • Open Ratio. This shows the ratio between sent surveys and the received ones.
  • Survey statistics details. This is the list of users who received, didn’t receive, voted in, and didn’t vote in your surveys. From this panel, you can track the survey results.