DeskAlerts Modules Offer a Well-Rounded Strategy to Enhance Internal Communication

DeskAlerts offers a variety of solutions that will help you optimize internal communications in your organization or business.

There are various communication channels that specific people in the workforce prefer and there are situations that can hinder smooth messaging. DeskAlerts created several tools that will help you bypass obstacles and ensure holistic results and strong communication within organizations.

Email Notification

DeskAlerts offers an option for you to send your desktop alerts in the form of emails. When creating a desktop alert, make sure that you send it as an email and your employees will receive it through their email mailbox and also through desktop pop-ups.

Mobile Alerts

DeskAlerts allows you to send updates to your employees who are on the move. You can send them text messages that can include URLs if you wish for further passive interactions. Through our mobile messaging solutions, you can reach your people even when they’re away from their stationary computers.

Locked Screen Delivery

Computers can be locked manually or automatically for privacy and solution. If you want your important message to bypass these measures, you can use our Locked Screen Alert.

There are corporate policies that require the user to be logged out after a specific period of inactivity. This solution will bypass this log-out action, including the screensaver.

Active Directory Integration

The Active Directory or LDAP module lets you synchronize DeskAlerts with your Active Directory. This speeds up deployment and increases usability crucially. Synchronization applies to individual users, user groups, devices, and departments.

Extended Statistics

The DeskAlerts Control Panel has an Extended Statistic feature that offers in-depth statistics that are sorted by dates. Results can be received per user, alert, or survey, and check which targets received no alert notification.

Encryption Solution

All messages in the network between the client and the DeskAlerts server are encrypted through 256-bit encoding.

Social Module for Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress

If you have a corporate Twitter, LinkedIn, or WordPress account, DeskAlerts offers a module that enables editors to post their alerts in the mentioned social sites. You can do this with just a few clicks, making it easy for employees to receive alerts through popular media platforms for easy communication.

RSS and News Feeds

The DeskAlerts RSS Feed source can be configured to select recipients from the Active Directory. You can also target specific devices, computer units, or user groups. RSS entries are delivered through the scrolling ticker as noticeable desktop alerts.

Video Module

The Video Module enables the administrator to send messages with video content in different formats that will appear on screens as pop-up alerts. It has many potential uses within big and small organizations in any industry, particularly startups. Videos increase employee engagement and effectively facilitate internal communication.

Digital Signage Solution

This displays media and text content through LCD, LED, and Projection to share company news, business information, and latest product and service notes within the workforce.


Content management has become an important part of modern marketing due to the growing integration of the Internet into our everyday lives. In the workplace where internal communication must yield results, it is only wise to efficiently manage different types of campaigns efficiently to save up time and effort.

DeskAlerts offers a solution that will realize this end goal. The DeskAlerts Campaign Solution enables client user to gather and bundle different types of content with just one click.

Opt-In Solution

A big important thing in general communication is to know which people will want to hear about what you want to say. Internal communication in companies is not at all different. There will be cases when a certain individual, group, and department will have no business in the messages you send.

DeskAlerts enables you to target your audience well using the Opt-In Solution.

Which ones do you need for your company? Let us here in DeskAlerts help you acquire them.