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To review who is connected to your DeskAlerts system, select Users from the left-side menu. DeskAlerts will display a list of all users, starting with the most recent.

You can search for a particular user by entering his or her username in the text field and clicking Search. Any users who match your search criteria will be displayed. To return to the view of the full list, click the Search button again with no search terms in the text field.

You can also browse the list of users by clicking on the page numbers at the top or bottom of the list.

From the display you can see, for each user:

  • his or her user name
  • when the user registered with DeskAlerts
  • E-mail
  • whether the user is online right now: if so, a green dot will appear.
  • the date and time of the user’s most recent DeskAlerts activity. For a user, this will probably be the last time he or she read and dismissed an incoming alert.

You can arrange the list of users by: user name, registration date, online status and last activity.

Note: you cannot add users.

In Active Directory mode, users list will appear as per Domains. It is possible to run synchronization manually – just click on the Add domain button available on the right top corner of Groups tab.

Viewing DeskAlerts users in specific group

In Registration Mode users add themselves when they install the DeskAlerts Client. However, in Registration Mode you can delete user from the list by checking the checkbox and then click delete button. You can also add users to recipient groups. See Managing groups.

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