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This add-on allows you to use DeskAlerts to publish corporate desktop wallpapers. Corporate wallpaper is less intrusive but effective corporate communications channel. Communicate regarding upcoming changes or news, establish internal brand or publish product announcements right to the employee desktop wallpaper. Publish your messages as corporate desktop wallpapers, use scheduling and sequence your wallpapers if you want 2 or more messages to rotate. All advanced targeting options including delivery to users/groups or any combination of those is supported. On the left side menu under Wallpapers you will find three links:

  • Click the Create link to create a new Wallpaper
  • Click the Current link to display all current Wallpapers.
  • Click the Draft link to display draft Wallpapers.

Also at the top right of Current and Draft pages you will see Add Wallpaper button: Add Wallpaper button

Creating Wallpaper

Click Create link or Add Wallpaper button and you will see the image selection screen to create the wallpaper: DeskAlerts wallpaper editor

On this form enter title and choose wallpaper image. After that you’ll see the additional parameters:

DeskAlerts wallpaper


Select Position of image:

  • Select the Center option to center the picture on the screen.
  • Select the Tile option to tile the picture.
  • Select the Stretch option to stretch the picture to fit the screen.

DeskAlerts wallpaper options

On this tab you can setup time to display the wallpaper. Then click

Save & next button to select recipients and send:

Wallpaper recipients selecting screen

Current Wallpapers

Each wallpaper has the following Actions:

Wallpaper current actions list

  • Click wallpaper_duplicate to duplicate the Wallpaper.
  • Click Stop wallpaper icon to stop wallpaper sending.
  • Click Start wallpaper icon to start wallpaper sending.
  • Click Preview wallpaper icon to view how wallpaper looks like.

Draft Wallpapers

Each draft Wallpaper has the following Actions:

Wallpaper draft actions list

  • Click Send draft Wallpaper icon to open the wallpaper form to select recipients and then sending.
  • Click Edit Wallpaper icon to continue editing the wallpaper.

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