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Corporate screensaver is one of the less intrusive but powerful ways to communicate with desktops of your employees. DeskAlerts screensaver work same way as ordinary PC screensaver and allows for targeted content delivery.

Screensaver functionality allows delivering rich content such as images, text, HTML, clickable links, FLASH, video, scrolling text, PowerPoint slides with 100% visibility. Screensaver can be targeted to specific groups, departments or individual users or any combinations of the above. Delivery can be scheduled and availability time can be specified so that you can target specific events in your internal communication strategy. Screensaver content is created in WYSIWYG mode using internal rich content editor.

On the left side menu under Screensavers you will find three links:

  • Click the Create link to create a new Screensaver
  • Click the Current link to display all current Screensavers.
  • Click the Draft link to display draft Screensavers.

Also at the top right of Current and Draft pages you will see Add Screensaver button:

Add Screensaver button

Creating Screensaver

Click Create link or Add Screensaver button and you will see the screen with three tabs for different screensaver types.

Three screensaver types

If you choose html screensaver, you will see the editor form:

DeskAlerts screensaver editor

On this form enter title and screensaver content.

DeskAlerts screensaver options

On this tab you can setup time to display the screensaver.

Then click Save & next button to select recipients and send:

Screensaver recipients selecting screen

Current Screensavers

Each screensaver has the following Actions:

Screensaver current actions list

  • Click Duplicate screensaver icon to duplicate the Screensaver.
  • Click Stop screensaver icon to stop screensaver sending.
  • Click Start screensaver icon to start screensaver sending.
  • Click Preview screensaver icon to view how screensaver looks like.

Draft Screensavers

Each draft Screensaver has the following Actions:

Screensaver draft actions list

  • Click Send draft Screensaver icon to open the screensaver form to select recipients and then sending.
  • Click Edit Screensaver icon to continue editing the screensaver.

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