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RSS add-on allows you to feed news, headlines, videos from any RSS enabled source for instance SharePoint, Exchange, websites, blogs, etc. Make your organization follow your corporate news or any other internal or external entries.

Configure RSS feed source and select recipients from your Active Directory or target to specific computers/users or groups. All RSS entries will be delivered as prominent desktop alerts or scrolling desktop ticker. Specify validity period for each of your RSS channels so that notification will only be available between specific dates.

On the left side menu under RSS you will find three links:

  • Click the Create link to create a new RSS
  • Click the Current link to display all current RSS Feeds.
  • Click the Draft link to display draft RSS Feeds.

Also at the top right of Current and Draft pages you will see Add RSS button:

Add RSS button

Creating RSS

Click Create link or Add RSS button and you will see the RSS editor form to create the RSS:RSS


On this form enter title, RSS Feed (URL of RSS Feed), Start and end date and time (if required), select style template, display type and size.

RSS 1.X, RSS 2.X and RSS ATOM feeds are supported, by default new RSS entries are checked every 5 minutes.

Click Preview button to preview future RSS alert to see what it looks like:RSS_alert


Then click Save & next button to select recipients and send:

RSS recipients selecting screen

Current RSS

Each RSS Feed has the following Actions:

RSS current actions list

  • Click rss_duplicate to duplicate the RSS Feed.
  • Click rss_stop to stop RSS alerts sending.
  • Click rss_start to start RSS alerts sending.
  • Click RSS Feed name to view created RSS alerts.

Draft RSS

Each draft RSS Feed has the following Actions:

RSS draft actions list

  • Click rss_select_recicpients to open the RSS Feed form to select recipients and then sending.
  • Click rss_edit to continue editing the RSS Feed.

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