Sending and tracking surveys

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While alerts are good at getting messages out to your team, surveys are excellent at getting the responses you need to key questions.

Each survey consists of questions and a series of answers that the recipient can choose from. You may schedule your survey to be sent at appointed date and time as well as expired after end date.

There are three survey links on the left-side menu:

  • Click the Create link to create a new survey
  • Click the Active link to display all active surveys which are still accepting responses.
  • Click the Archived link to display past surveys.

Each survey in Active list has the following Actions:

Active surveys actions

Click Resend survey icon to resend the survey.

Click View survey results icon to display responses to the survey:

Survey results window



Click Stop survey icon to stop survey and move it to the Archived list.

Above the Active list, top right corner, you will see an Add survey button:

Survey adding button

When you click it (or Create link from left side menu), the add-survey wizard will lead you through creation of your survey:

  • Enter survey name, question and series of possible answers. You may offer minimum two answers, to add more answers click add answer link on the bottom of the last answer. To Schedule survey check an appropriate checkbox and enter start and end date/time: Survey creation screen
  • You may choose a specific template from the drop down menu. To preview it just click on the preview link.
  • To add more questions click the Add question button (top right corner): Survey question adding screen
  • To delete the question or additional answer just click the delete button. To come back to the previous page click the previous button.
  • If you are ready to proceed with the survey click the next button.
  • Choose the recipients for this survey: broadcast, group or personal: Survey recipients choosing screen
  • If you choose group type, and you have rights to publish to multiple groups, a selection field appears where you can choose specific groups to survey. Then click Add button to add specific groups to the survey list.
  • Click the start button Survey start button

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