Sending and managing alerts

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Schedule alerts

Check the Schedule alert checkbox during alert creation. With schedule feature you can send alerts at appointed date and time, or send recurrence alerts.

You will send Once alerts with no end date by default. It means your alert will be delivered to the user once he/she logging in (it can be at the same day or in a month – no matter). Enter the end date so it will automatically expire:schedule


Send recurrence alerts: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly:schedule_weekly

According to the screenshot above, alert will be received only 1 time (End after: 1 occurence) within business days from 12:30pm to 6:00pm. If you need this alert to be sent each business day within a specific timeframe, just set No end date or End by.

Sending alerts by SMS

If SMS add-on has been installed, you can send alerts by SMS (Short Message Service) to the mobile devices of users. This means you can get urgent messages to your team when they are away from their computers or when your network is slow.

When you are sending an alert, enter the message and check the SMS Alert checkbox. And send the message as you normally do.

Note: SMS messages will normally be no longer than 160 characters long, and will lose any formatting you applied when you created the alert. Also, the alert will be sent without a template, so make sure that the body of the message states from whom the message is coming.

Sending alerts to e-mail box

If E-mail add-on has been installed, you can send alerts to e-mail boxes. When you are sending an alert, enter the message, check the E-mail checkbox and enter sender name (e-mail). And then send the message as you normally do:

e-mail alert checkbox

Blog post

Check the Blog post checkbox to post the alert. You can post messages from DeskAlerts Control Panel directly to your corporate WordPress-powered blog. Keep employees informed about important company news. Ensure that Blog settings are configured (only Administrators can manage these settings).

You can’t send Blog post if alert is scheduled.


Check the Tweet checkbox to post alert from DeskAlerts Control Panel directly to your corporate Twitter. The alert content will be truncated. Ensure that Twitter settings are configured (only Administrators can manage these settings).

LinkedIn Share

Select the LinkedIn tab to share the message with your LinkedIn account. Please note that this require additional setup of LinkedIn module. If settings are not managed, you will be notified. LinkedIn Share API will request your confirmation before posting the message.

RSVP alerts

With RSVP option you can send notification about upcoming events requesting confirmation or asking questions.

To send RSVP alert type select “Add RSVP” tab on alert creating page:

RSVP alert tab

Enter question text and options for answer:

default RSVP first question

Check question #2 option if you need more detail answer using a free text field:

default RSVP second question

User will receive an alert message with questions, options “Yes” or “No” and a free text field for custom answer if selected:



In “Alert details” you will find detailed report of your RSVP message:


LinkedIn alerts

You can post alerts on LinkedIn – famous social networking website for people in professional occupations. Alert text will be posted with the DA alert link. If you see no button “Share” and message Manage LinkedIn settings to enable the feature, then LinkedIn settings are not configured (read manual to configure LinkedIn settings).

LinkedIn alert tab

When LinkedIn settings are configured, you can see the button Log in (if you are not logged in to LinkedIn) or the button Share.

Drafts of alerts

If you have saved the alert but haven’t sent it, it will appear in the list of Drafts. This list shown by clicking the Drafts link under Alerts on the left-side menu. The first few words of each alert appear to help you identify it.

To the right of each alert entry, there is a set of two icons:

actions icons for draft alerts

  • Click the envelope Send alert icon to send this draft. DeskAlerts will help you make sure you have identified recipients for this message, and then will send it out. The message will move from the Drafts list to the Sent list.
  • Click the paper and pencil Edit alert icon to open the rich text editor and make further edits to this draft. You can then save it again or send it.
  • Click the magnifying glass Preview alert icon to show alert preview inside your control panel working area.
  • Click the chain alert_chain_link to open dialog containing direct link to this alert. You can send it to anyone who have network access to your server.

To delete draft from the list check the checkbox and click Delete.

Resending alerts

You can send an alert you have already sent out a second time, to the same audience or to a different audience.

Select the Sent link under the Alerts on the left-side menu bar. A list of all sent alerts will appear, starting with the newest one. At the right of each entry in Actions you will see the following icons:

actions icons for sent alerts

Click the double-arrow to start the resend process. The rich text editor will appear, and you can modify the content of the alert and then send it again, using the same process as before.

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