Running the DeskAlerts Server

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To run the DeskAlerts Server:

  1. Open your browser, then enter the URL path you entered during setup of the Server. This will open the DeskAlerts Server’s Control Panel’s login page.The exact path in the example provided, as shown in next image, is http://localhost/deskalerts/admin/index.asp. Note that this may vary, depending on the parameters you entered during installation.login_server
  2. Enter your logon credentials. The default username is admin and the default password is admin. You can change the password later under the Control Panel’s Settings menu.Attention! DeskAlerts Control Panel requires JavaScript to function properly. Please turn on JavaScript in your browser. Contact your technical assistance if required.Make sure that you’re not using the Internet Explorer with Compatibility mode turned on, as this may lead to some browser scripts malfunctioning, resulting in part of DeskAlerts console functionality becoming unavailable.
  3. Click Login or press Enter to open the page as shown on the next image. You will then be taken to the Control Panel itself. Here, you will see a navigation menu on the left. Clicking a menu item will display that menu’s corresponding page on the left.control_panel_server
  4. The DeskAlerts Server’s Control Panel is where you create and send alerts and surveys, add, edit, delete users, groups, computers and IP addresses, create templates, view statistics, change your password and settings.Note: If after installation of DeskAlerts Server it’s impossible to manage it, because any URL gives Page Not Found, check the following settings in IIS. By default ASP (NOT ASP.NET) is disabled in IIS. DeskAlerts Server uses ASP. Follow the instructions below:
    1. Go to Microsoft Information Services Manager
    2. Choose Web Service Extensions
    3. Set Allow for Active Server Pages

DeskAlerts Server Update

If there’s such an installation path you will have 3 possibilities:

DeskAlerts upgrade confirmation

Note: if you choose No current DeskAlerts version will be removed. Confirm your choice then:

DeskAlerts removal confirmation

If the entered MS SQL database is already in use you will have 3 possibilities:

DeskAlerts database upgrade confirmation

Note:if you choose No current DeskAlerts database will be removed. Confirm your choice then:

DeskAlerts database removal confirmation

Note: When updating DeskAlerts your should have db_owner rights for the tables and stored procedures. After that you can use Control Panel in usual mode (having db_datareader and db_datawriter rights).

If you are upgrading to a 8.1.5 version, please follow these steps.

You need to have Microsoft Framework 4.5 installed on the server.

Before installation, you need to take following steps:

  1. Create or use a special user in the domain or on your server with IIS and DB.

  2. Grant that user access to DeskAlerts database (you can make it db_owner for the database)

Open IIS configuration, select the web site where Desk Alerts server is installed, open Authentication properties for that web site.

  1. Edit “Anonymous Authentication” settings and set it to the “Specific user”. Specify the user that you created in step #1.


After installation, please go to IIS Manager, choose your DeskAlerts url and right-click it: ^1EDC8256161E9BCC38ACD421A4171B8B25D71C91EBF553B914^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

After clicking Convert to Application you will be prompted to this window. Just click OK.

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