Managing Groups: Registration mode

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You can create groups of users in DeskAlerts to simplify the task of sending out the right alerts to the right people. You can have as many groups as you like, and users can belong to more than one group. You could, for instance have a “Development” group and a “QA” group, and your QA testers could belong to both groups.

Select the Groups link from the left-side menu. The list of all existing groups will display. You can see how many users and sub-groups are in each group.

DeskAlerts registration mode groups list

To the right of each list there are action icons:

DeskAlerts registration mode group actions

  • Click Group edit action icon button to edit a group
  • Click Group view action icon button or Group name to view users in specific Group, as shown on the next image

List of users in the specific group

You can also delete group by checking the checkbox and then click delete button.

To create a new group, click the Add Group button at the top right.

Button for adding groups

  • DeskAlerts will ask you to name the group. When you have given it a useful name, click the Add button.
  • On the next screen you will see a display of all available users. Check the checkboxes beside the names of those you wish to include in this group, and then click the Save button.
  • The new group will appear on the groups list.

Managing IP Groups

It is now possible to create IP address groups to send alerts to (both in Active Directory and Registration modes). You may combine both separate IP or create a range.

When sending alerts you will see ‘IP groups’ option, where you can select IP groups created. This way, the computer with an IP address falling into this range will get an alert (in case DeskAlerts Client has been installed on it before).

When clicking on ‘IP Groups’ on the left-side menu of Control Panel you will see the following screen :

IP groups list

By clicking “Add Group” button you may create IP groups and ranges :

IP group adding screen

To see all IP objects that were included into some IP Group you can click on IP Group name:

IP group objects

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