Managing editors and policies

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Editors have the task of creating and sending out alerts and surveys to individual users, groups, OUs and Computers that are combined in a Policy and viewing their statistics. Before creating an Editor you should define a Policy (scope of activity) first.

Creating a policy

  • Click Policies link in the left-side menu;
  • Click Add button to see the following screen :

Policy access control list

System Administrator will have the Full rights as Admin by default. You may define an unlimited number of Administrators for one Control Panel.

Regular Editor will have a limited scope of activity as defined by Administrator by using checkboxes and list of users added (see the screen below) :

Policy recipients list

  • On the left side you see the list of available Users, Groups, OUs and Computers; (the last 2 are available in Active Directory mode only)
  • Choose a specific group/OU/user/computer and add it to the Recipients list by clicking Add button;
  • To remove recipients, just choose the user/group/OU from the right side (Recipients) and click Remove button.

When you are satisfied with your entries, click Save button.

Creating an Editor

To view the list of existing editors, click the Editors link in the left-side menu of Control Panel:

DeskAlerts Editors list

To add a new editor just click Add editor/publisher button at the top right corner to see the following screen:

DeskAlerts Editor adding page

Type the Name/Password for a new Editor and choose the Policy (previously defined) from a drop-down menu. Click icon on the main screen to view and/or edit editor’s details as follows :

DeskAlerts Editor editing page

The editor will now be active. Give him/her the URL to DeskAlerts Control Panel, including username and password for logging in.

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