DeskAlerts Client Installation

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Unzip the file from the DeskAlerts package to any folder.

  1. Launch ClientInstallation.exe to build the installer for the client portion of DeskAlerts.Provide valid HTTP/HTTPS path to your Deskalerts Server folder:



To validate the path mark validate server path checkbox.

  1. On the second step you will see additional options to Use Windows Active Directory/LDAP, Use Novell eDirectory support in case you are using one of these modules.If you check Build.msi installer an additional .msi installer package will be created.



Click Next when you are ready to proceed.

  1. On the next screen you will be offered to customize Deskalerts client install options:install_allow_locked_screens
  2. On the next screen you will be offered to customize menu items available for user, date to show in alert and whether user can postpone acknowledgement alerts.Pull period is a value specifying how often DeskAlerts client will send requests to server. If you have issues with server loads, this value should be increased




Checkboxes on the top allow you to disable some features on the agent’s menu. For instance, you may want to remove the “Exit” button so user won’t be able to reject incoming notifications or remove “Uninstall” option by the same reason.

“Help” item is used to give your employees some more information about the software – if you want to share some manuals for your employees – leave this option enabled and put the documents into [deskalerts server root folder]/documentation/

  1. If you are using a Full version with Encryption add-on the following screen will appear to set Decrypt key (should be the same as Encrypt key on the server) and enable/disable decryption for the client:


n the last screen you will see where to find installer files and which folder to use for Client updates



  • Release folder now contains:
    • deskalerts_setup.exe
    • deskalerts_setup.msi (if you have Build .msi installer checkbox marked)
  1. To customize DeskAlerts Client manually please take a look at the Customizing DeskAlerts Client manually section.

Running DeskAlerts Client

Depending on the authentication mode for your DeskAlerts Server, you are either required to register as a DeskAlerts user or AD/eDirectory user information will be used. Registering your DeskAlerts client is required if your DeskAlerts Server is running in Registration Mode. However, if your DeskAlerts Server is running in Active Directory Mode (or eDirectory mode), the DeskAlerts client runs automatically upon installation, without prompting you to enter a username and password combination.

If your server is in Registration Mode, you need to follow the steps below to run DeskAlerts client:


Enter a User Name and Password:


DeskAlerts client registration window








  1. You may be also prompted for e-mail address and mobile phone number if server has corresponding add-ons installed
  2. Click Save
  3. A message informing you that User Name and Password has been saved.
  4. Click Close. The DeskAlerts tray icon appears on your system tray.
  5. Right-click the tray icon to bring up a context menu:



Since DeskAlerts Client can be customized, the appearance of a DeskAlerts client deployed by one company may be different from the client of another company.

User Name is possible to change in client Options if needed when using Registration mode.

From the History you can see alerts received by this client.

DeskAlerts client history window

For more information on the functions you can perform as a DeskAlerts Client user, refer to the

DeskAlerts User’s Guide.

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