Active Directory Synchronization

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After installation and running Control Panel, please click Domains link in the left-side menu. Then move to Synchronizations list and click Add new synchronization button to open Active Directory Synchronization form.

Enter domain name (with dots, e.g., username of user that is in Domain Users group and his password. After that you can click Start synchronizing button:

DeskAlerts synchronization with Active Directory

  • Use secure LDAP connection allows you to use secure LDAP connection during AD synchronization.
  • Synchronize Organizational Units allows to select/synchronize OUs from a tree.
  • Import Computers allows you to import computers as well. There will be separate groups for users and computers created. You can now send alerts both to users and computers.
  • With Enable auto synchronization option you can set schedule for synchronization task, which will run automatically.

Click Save to return to synchronizations list, then you can use start synchronizations button from Actions table cell to begin.

After synchronization is finished, you will be redirected back to Domains page and should see your LDAP server under Domain name:

Active Directory domains list

You can see a tree-structure of synchronized OUs for your Active Directory by clicking Organization tab.

Select object type from drop-down menu to view users, groups or computers in the selected OU

Domain groups on organization page Domain users on organization page

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