How to set up a corporate screensaver using DeskAlerts 7

Managing Access Policies in DeskAlerts 7

Sending Desktop notifications with DeskAlerts 7

This short tutorial demonstrates how to manage employees’ screensavers using DeskAlerts internal communications system.

Corporate screensavers can be a powerful employee engagement tool if managed correctly, and DeskAlerts software provides just the right tools for this task.

This tutorial demonstrates capabilities of DeskAlerts notification solution in managing access policies of content publishers.

Access policies mechanism is integrated in the software and serves the purpose of limiting rights of certain groups of content publishers.

This tutorial demonstrates capabilities of DeskAlerts corporate notification system in sending pop-up desktop messages to employees.

DeskAlerts desktop notifications can be created within minutes, targeted using existing organization groups structure and delivered to employees’ workstation within seconds.

Scrolling ticker PRO add-on

Alert templates

Unobtrusive alert

Ticker Pro add-on allows you to select the ticker’s position. You can pin the ticker window to the top, to the bottom or to the middle of the screen.

DeskAlerts desktop alert notifications software delivers effective communication through messages appearing in pop-up windows. But in any company different messages may contain information with different priority levels.

DeskAlerts desktop alert notification software provides you with a wide range of ways to deliver information to employees. Unobtrusive alert feature is the one that enables you to do it without interrupting their work flow.


Desktop alert notification scheduling and reminder

Desktop alert notification scheduling and recurrence options

With DeskAlerts desktop alert notification software you can send RSVP alerts which are, in fact, mini-surveys asking for immediate response. This feature is included in standard DeskAlerts Server package without any add-ons.

With Deskalerts desktop alert notification software you can schedule your internal communication messages and specify recurrence for those notifications. Additionally you are able to remind about important events via built – in reminder feature.

With Deskalerts desktop alert notification software you can schedule your internal communication messages and specify recurrence for those notifications. Schedule desktop notifications to be send out at predefined sates/times and specify recurrence options.

Delivery of emergency alerts to locked computer screens

Setting up new users in desktop alert server

Active Directory Synchronization

Deskalerts allows to deliver emergency alerts to PC locked screens. With this functionality you can be sure that the critical information reaches the person no matter what.

Additionally to the AD or LDAP synchronization for users. Or automatic registration of users by computer name or IP address.

Active Directory Synchronization, groups and users. This video showcases setting up active directory synchronization process between corporate active directory and desktop alert server.

Desktop alert software: Roles, Policies and permissions

Sending local and youtube videos with alert software

RSS desktop notifications

This video demonstrates setting up specific roles and policies in Deskalerts. The Organizational Unit tree (OU tree) can be used in order to grant specific publisher/editor permissions to send/create or modify desktop alert content for specific users, groups or organization units.

Deskalerts alert software allows to embed video content into popup alerts. This video demonstrates how to embed locally stored video files (WMV, AVI, MPG) or youtube videos into alert to be delivered with desktop alert software.

RSS add-on allows you to feed news, headlines, videos from any RSS enabled source for instance SharePoint, Exchange, websites, blogs, etc. Make your organization follow your corporate news or any other internal or external entries.

Powerpoint screensaver PPT and PPTX

Corporate screensaver messaging

Employee desktop survey and online questionnaire design with Deskalerts

Publishing powerpoint PPT or PPTX slides as corporate screensaver is simple with deskalerts. This video demonstrates creating interactive screensaver from powerpoint slides and subsequent delivery of this screensaver to employee desktops in automated way using deskalerts screensaver messaging add-on.

Corporate Screensaver messages can be used to make employees aware without much intrusion about important corporate news or events. Screensaver messages are important addition to your overall internal communication strategy.

This video demonstrates designing and delivering employee questionnaire using deskalerts employee survey plugin. By sending desktop survey from deskalerts web server you can immediately gather statistics about your employee questionnaire.

Using Notification Editor and Sending Notifications to employees

Employee communications using Deskalerts sms plugin

Desktop popup notifications using deskalerts

With deskalerts notification software it is possible to compose a message on the fly and then send this alert notification to employees across your organization. you can also select delivery options, schedule the delivery and target specific users or groups with your employee notifications.

This video demonstrates the communications with employees using Deskalerts SMS plugin. Deliver critical information to employee mobiles.

Popup notifications can be delivered right to the employee desktop with DeskAlerts.

This video demonstrates popup message delivery right to employee desktop. Popup message delivery is controlled from centralized Deskalerts web based panel.

Internal communications using video recording with Deskalerts software

DeskAlerts Employee notification : Policy configuration

Integrating desktop notifications with Active Directory

This video demonstrates how to use Deskalerts video and audio recording capability for internal communications. Video and Audio content can be simply recorded and delivered within your organization.

With Deskalerts Employee notification software you can configure specific policies for each user who can use alerting functionality.

It is possible to setup employee communication roles to grant permissions for those who can send, modify or review only. This roles can be assigned from the Deskalerts policy editor.

This video shows how to syncronize Deskalerts with Active Directory to send messages. Import AD users and groups to establish efficient internal communications channel.

Send Alert with Deskalerts desktop alerts software

Send Desktop alerts using Deskalerts software. This tutoral demonstrates how to create and send desktop alerts using deskalerts. Improve your employee communications by delivering critical updates right to their desktops and mobiles.

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