Have Real-time Reporting Improve Insights Through Employee Survey Tool

An important matter in handling your organization is the things in the minds of your employees. One of the oldest but most efficient methods to uncover them is conducting employee surveys.

DeskAlerts Employee Survey Tool offers a user-friendly platform where you can accomplish this.


What does DeskAlerts Employee Survey Tool have to offer?

With just a few clicks, you can publish your surveys right in front of your employees while they sit inside their stations. This process increases the effectiveness of the surveys through real-time reporting.

With the Employee Survey Tool, you can create, send, and schedule instant multi-question surveys, quizzes, and polls. Create them in seconds and you will get responses within minutes.

Gathering feedback through DeskAlerts Employee Survey Tool is the most efficient way to do so.

Companies using our Software


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Which surveys does DeskAlerts Employee Survey Tool allow you to use?

The Survey Tool also aims to make life easier for employees who have the duty to answer your surveys, so we chose the three most easily understandable survey methods for you to use:

  • Basic survey. A basic survey is a list of different questions that may have different types of answers, depending on your preference.
  • Quiz. This is a method that will require an editor to check the answers. There will be right and wrong answers.
  • Poll. The poll will provide employee data that will serve as a basis for an answer or solution to the administrator’s problem.

Answer statistics for basic surveys and quizzes will be available for Control Panel users only, while answers to polls can be seen by the employees too.

Other features our Employee Survey Tool has


Corporate Directory/eDirectory support.
The platform enables synchronization across a limitless number of domains. This means all data within the network will be updated consistently across all its ends. Auto-synchronization is also possible in this tool.


Survey statistics.
Survey status reports will be sent to the server with recorded dates. This will allow the server to track surveys down to particular users and connected individual devices.


Scheduled surveying.
The tool allows users to schedule surveys on a particular date and time, making it flexible according to your schedule, not the other way around.


Recurring surveys.
Not only can you automate surveys, but you can also send identical surveys across the network in customizable intervals in an automated fashion.


Target employees per department, team, or individual.

Effective Employee Survey Tips

Surveys with short questions get the best answers. Long questions will eat up the employee’s time, forcing them to hurry up without thinking their answers over.

Make your survey questions direct and clear, especially when you’re asking open-ended questions so that people can spend more time answering them.

Segment and target your questions to users at specific times. Schedule them in the morning, before lunch, or at the end of the shift because people are very responsive during these times.

Let us help you know your employees with our DeskAlerts Employee Survey Tool.