Emergency Alert System

Large and small businesses that have multiple branches or departments in different locations must always be ready for disaster to keep their employees safe.

DeskAlerts Emergency Alert System provides relevant and effective solutions for problems concerning such matters.

How does DeskAlerts Emergency Alert System work?

When alarms ring because of a threat, the EAS will notify the organization promptly and suggest the most effective ways to evacuate the people out of the vicinity towards a safer location.

The EAS can be used in conjunction with tornado warning sirens, disaster alarms, and alert color codes in hospitals.


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EAS Model Features


The DeskAlerts Emergency Alert System uses a user-friendly platform where you can set the configurations according to your needs.


Embeddable URL format. 

You can make actionable content by linking external pages through embeddable URLs. You can connect people to the correct web pages instead of having them type it up and consume more time.


Multimedia support.

The EAS platform can display images and videos as well as HTML and Flash format content. You can use this to relay engaging instructions more efficiently.


Documents attachment.

You can attach documents in .docx, .pdf, and other formats to disseminate official information in a more stylish and formal manner.


Active Directory/eDirectory support.

The platform enables synchronization across a limitless number of domains. This means all data within the network will be updated consistently across all its ends. Scheduled auto-synchronization is also possible using this EAS.


Message statistics.

Message status reports will be sent to the server with recorded dates. This will allow the server to track messages down to particular users and connected individual devices.


Scheduled messaging.

The EAS allows users to schedule messages on a particular date and time, making it flexible according to your schedule, not the other way around.


Printable content.

All content sent and received across the network can be printed if you need copies of important notes and documents for manual recording.


Recurring messages.

Not only can you automate message sending, but you can also send identical messages across the EAS network in customizable intervals in an automated fashion.


Reading acknowledgment.

Unlike in regular email platforms, the EAS shows senders indicators that will prove that the receivers have read the messages.



No one likes messages cluttering the screen, so DeskAlerts made sure that the messages you have to read will disappear from your monitor after a short time. This also helps you maintain your privacy.



You can set a reminder that the network will simultaneously see, in case there are upcoming events or important notices.


Urgent alerts.

Your EAS alerts will be prioritized even if your computer unit is locked, on screensaver mode, or sleeping. It helps you keep noted despite uncontrollable circumstances.


Self-destructing messages.

To improve data usage and privacy, EAS offers an option to send messages that will remove itself from history once the user closes the alert window.


DeskAlerts Emergency Alert System

provides a cost-effective measure for real-time messaging that can be used by any organization.