DeskAlerts Video Module Helps You Join the Video Content Revolution

video_alertOne of the most engaging media of communication today is video. When a message is presented through video, the viewers are stimulated through sight and hearing. The dynamic nature of video improves the engagement of the people. That’s why YouTube has so many viewers and users.

DeskAlerts acknowledges this reality, that’s why we created our own Video Module for our users.

What does DeskAlerts Video Module do?

The DeskAlerts Video Modules enables users to send messages that contain videos in an assortment of formats. All video message alerts will be sent to recipients as desktop pop-ups, just like any other DeskAlerts messages.

The Video Module has many potential uses to companies of any size and sector. The company culture and values can be taught to the workforce effectively using video messages. Organizations that use the DeskAlerts video module are mostly interested in using videos to increase employee engagement further and integrate more reliable communication channels within the system.

What are the features of DeskAlerts Video Module?


Active Directory/eDirectory support

The platform enables synchronization across a limitless number of domains. This means all data within the network will be updated consistently across all its ends. Scheduled auto-synchronization is also possible using this.


Embeddable Video URL format

You can make audiovisual content by linking external pages from YouTube and Vimeo through embeddable URLs. You can connect people to the correct web pages instead of having them type it up and consume more time.


Message statistics

Message status reports will be sent to the server with recorded dates. This will allow the server to track messages down to particular users and connected individual devices.


Scheduled messaging

The Email Notification module allows users to schedule messages on a particular date and time, making it flexible according to your schedule, not the other way around.


Webcam support

This module allows you to send videos directly recorded from your desktop webcam.



No one likes video messages cluttering the screen, so DeskAlerts made sure that the messages you have to read will disappear from your monitor after a short time. This also helps you maintain your privacy.

greeting_from_ceo_alertThe creation of DeskAlerts Video Module is driven by research data that proves the growth of video as a primary and powerful communication channel in recent time. Here are some of the hard data:

According to the Spot Xchange and Forrester Consulting 70% of adults in the U.S. watched at least one video in one month and the number of consumers spending more time watching online videos are skyrocketing.

The Global and Mail reports that video content marketing has been welcomed by businesses – 78% consider the creation of their own branded video content for marketing.

Performics Life on Demand says that humans interact with video content twice as much compared to other media.

Want to capitalize in the video revolution? Let DeskAlerts help you.