DeskAlerts RSS News Feed  Keeps Your Workforce Updated Without Intrusion

rss_alertBusinesses go big when it comes to corporate happenings. That’s why there’s corporate news to keep partners and the workforce updated. However, with the accumulating data within the company, it’s really hard for people to actively track news.

DeskAlerts found a way to keep you and your company posted with the latest news in the company through the use of the RSS/News Feed.

How does the DeskAlerts RSS/News Feed help you?

You can configure the RSS feed source and select the recipients of the news through your active directory. You can also target specific computers, users, and groups. RSS entries will be disseminated across all recipients in the form of prominent desktop alert messages or a single scrolling desktop ticker.

Each RSS feed has a specific validity period that you can set up so that notifications will only appear on specific periods.

What are the features of the DeskAlerts RSS/News Feed?


Active Directory/eDirectory support

The platform enables synchronization across a limitless number of domains. This means all data within the network will be updated consistently across all its ends. Scheduled auto-synchronization is also possible using this module.


Desktop Ticker

You can send corporate news through a less space-consuming ticker that can be repositioned and snapped into the edges of your screen.


News Feed Support

It supports a news feed that shows news and headlines, as well as videos, from any source like SharePoint and other websites. You can use this to keep the organization updated with important news that concerns them. The RSS can be configured to work on choice recipients through your Active Directory or target specific devices, users, or groups.


Message statistics

Message status reports will be sent to the server with recorded dates. This will allow the server to track messages down to particular users and connected individual devices.


Scheduled messaging

The RSS News Feed module allows users to schedule messages on a particular date and time, making it flexible according to your schedule, not the other way around.


Recurring messages

Not only can you automate message sending, but you can also send identical messages across the network in customizable intervals in an automated fashion.



No one likes messages cluttering the screen, so DeskAlerts made sure that the messages you have to read will disappear from your monitor after a short time. This also helps you maintain your privacy.



The RSS News Feed keeps a history of all messages that you can use for reference.


Multiple messages in one news feed.

If you don’t like stacks of news bothering you, you can compile them in one feed.

Why consider using the DeskAlerts RSS News Feed?

rssnewsfeedThe RSS News Feed add-on is an effective tool businesses can use to charge up their internal communications, increase productivity and drive down costs, as well as eliminate the use of email for news and updates.

Once the employees are kept in the loop, everyone will be easily engaged and integrated for easier cooperation and collaboration.