DeskAlerts Campaign Solution: Helping You Manage Your Content Through a Single Platform

Content management has become an important part of modern marketing due to the growing integration of the Internet into our everyday lives. In the workplace where internal communication must yield results, it is only wise to efficiently manage different types of campaigns efficiently to save up time and effort.

DeskAlerts offers a solution that will realize this end goal. The DeskAlerts Campaign Solution enables client user to gather and bundle different types of content with just one click.

What are the features of DeskAlerts Campaign Solution?

  • Content aggregation. One click will aggregate desktop alert messages, wallpapers, screensavers, and other types of content. This will make the internal message campaigns more dynamic and efficient.
  • Scheduled messaging. The EAS allows users to schedule content bundles on a particular date and time, making it flexible according to your schedule, not the other way around.

Why should you use DeskAlerts Campaign Solution?

Unscheduled notifications may save time and effort in boosting internal communications generally but a strategized approach can yield great results.

The DeskAlerts Campaign Solution helps network administrators to customize communication templates that go in line with different corporate goals such as orienting the workforce to new projects and policies and promoting a major recreation event.

The beauty and strength of the DeskAlerts Campaign mode are its diversity and ability to work well with quite a number of situations and even take advantage of them.

What are the situations where DeskAlerts Campaign Solution works well?

Here are a few situations where our Campaign mode can help you.

Let’s say your company is planning to cheer up and excite the workforce for the holiday season by creating a fun event. You can use the Campaigns feature to create bundles of celebration campaigns that send the message through all channels.

Network administrators will have access to the functional platform that he can use to disseminate reminder alerts, celebratory messages, fun and exciting wallpapers, interactive screensavers, and other engaging holiday-themed content. The employees will receive the campaign content and take note of the message for the event.

Here’s another example with a different purpose.

Employee retention has been doing well recently and you want to capitalize on the statistic rise. You can use the Campaigns Solution to make the improvements translate to other aspects of business performance like greater individual and team productivity, as well as employee satisfaction.

You can use your campaigns to supplement company events that will engage employee participation and interaction to prove to your employees that their stake in the company is as important to you as your own. Employees will feel a greater sense of value and appreciation, not to mention excitement in their line of work and affiliation to your company.

The DeskAlerts Campaign Solution is simple and straightforward to use. Administrators can easily log in and build templates that contain different combinations of content that can be sent to employees immediately or on future dates. The campaign function is made available to all users of the DeskAlerts internal communication service.