The seeing is believing! The best way to ensure DeskAlerts fully meets your requirements is to try it. Please fill the form and you will get back e-mail with the following information:

  • URL to access DeskAlerts Control Panel in order to send alerts, surveys.
  • Download link to install DeskAlerts Client in order to receive alerts, surveys

DeskAlerts Console

DA Control Panel is a completely web-based product. DeskAlerts is extremely intuitive and user-friendly; just click the ‘Send Alert’ button and follow the wizard.

DeskAlerts guarantees that every message will be shown on the desktop. It checks every message sent to every user, and confirms message receipt.

DeskAlerts Client

DeskAlerts Client installs on users’ workstations and displays alerts that were sent from DeskAlerts Control Panel. DeskAlerts Client seats in the icon tray. With demo Client you can send alerts to pop up window or scroll them in ticker.