Case Studies

“DeskAlerts solution was set up globally for Australian retail sites and is currently used by Technical Services and Support divisions.”

Digital imaging,  Australia

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Fujifilm Australia

“University uses DeskAlerts to give customers updates regarding IT services. DeskAlerts preempts unnecessary helpdesk calls by keeping all customers informed.”

Education,  Great Britain

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StGeorge University of London

“DeskAlerts provided a reliable communications channel, which was proven to be vital in the state of emergency during terror attack,  in the event of  usual channels being overloaded and inaccessible.”

  Healthcare, Belgium

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 “DeskAlerts software was integrated with the KRKA intranet and the usage of its alerts has helped to decrease a number of calls to the tech support

Pharmaceutical, Slovenia

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“The DeskAlerts notification system shown itself as a cost efficient solution, providing all functionality required to keep employees informed.”

Healthcare, Great Britain

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Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Trust

“Immediate response of issues when Desk Alert system is used.  Whether it’s notifying of a delay in a meeting start time, or even just a reminder it’s time to head out for a team lunch.  The pop-up feature is very worthwhile…nice that screen placement and size can be set..”

Computer Software, USA

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“DeskAlerts is a great tool that will definitely improve your communication strategy to users as well as allow you to do many other functions to delivery great service to your organization in terms of enterprise-wide communications.”

   Hospitality, USA

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“We wanted a way to bring emergency messages to the user desktop, without any of the existing MS platforms. We needed a “popup” that would be “in the user face”, whatever they are doing at that moment in time.”

   Electronics, USA

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“It’s easy to use and the message delivery is quite fast. The scope of alert is easy to configure via Active Directory groups and organisational units. All working users have the right information at the right time via Broadcast feature. This is an easy to use and cost effective alerting tool.”

Healthcare, Switzerland

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“We use DeskAlerts in-house to broadcast announcements, such as software update alerts. Examples would be Quicktime software removal from desktops. Facilities utilise DeskAlerts for building outages and parking notices.”

Government,  USA

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“Any communication to a large group of users must be well prepared. A tool like DeskAlerts will ease the publication and will give you the flexibility to interact with the message to communicate and send just before is it delivered to the consumer.”

Healthcare, Switzerland

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“With DeskAlerts notifications in place, Company House got a reliable channel of cascading notifications down to satellite offices, informing employees about various office issues, thus decreasing the load on a tech support and improving their internal workflow.”

Government, Great Britain

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Companies House

“DeskAlerts software succeeded the homemade solution and provided the missing capabilities of detailed reporting, policy delegation and others.”

Education, Belgium

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“DeskAlerts is used by Mill Security, Safety and IT departments for event notifications. It has drastically sped up the time it takes to get event notifications out to our employees”

Papermaking, USA

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“The most valuable features of DeskAlerts highlighted by CSSS are:
– integration with Active Directory
– ability to limit message lifetime
– message templates
– delivery statistics
– ease of translation to any language”

Healthcare,  Canada

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“Our main usage of DeskAlerts is to broadcast system information to our users. On several locations aroung our building we have information monitors positioned where we broadcast system alerts and/or news in case of system breakdowns or other important information that affects our people’s daily work.”

     Insurance, Denmark

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“With DeskAlerts notifications in place, Baxalta has a robust channel for communicating the critical information to their employees. IT depatment uses
it to deliver targeted notifications about system outages/recoveries and planned downtimes, making sure that messages will only be delivered to departments affected.”

Pharmaceuticals,  Austria

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“Now in case of the system issue, there is no need to make several calls to HR department, DeskAlerts notification system is working much faster and provides reliable channel of communications.”

Papermaking,  USA

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NewPage Corporation

“DeskAlerts were chosen as a tool that works across different operating systems and delivers messages with the rich content, such as voice, videos, presentations and images.”

Education,  Luxemborg

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henry ford

“DeskAlerts was chosen as a computer based notification system, the best way to get notifications out to the largest number of people in the fastest  time.
DeskAlerts is deployed to every employee workstation and student computer on campus as part of a mandatory application installation.”

Education,  USA

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“DeskAlerts is the most customizable solution and basic possibilities fully meet our needs.”

Consultancy, Netherlands

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“DeskAlerts exceeded the customer’s expectations and gives them more scope to expand on their current services. Afristoricals Calendars Ltd greatly
benefited from being able to inform their subscribers easily.”

Web,  Great Britain

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Afristoricals Calendars Ltd

“DeskAlers is the most customizable solution that offers a number of useful add-ons you can choose from.”

Healthcare,  USA

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“DeskAlerts was chosen as a fast and efficient way to deliver messages to employees, groups, divisions and labs. Features to send SMS and E-Mails was
also a great Plus. And of course Surveys now allow them to collect information back from employees.”

Healthcare,  Australia

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Australian Healthcare

“The IT team realized they needed to implement a fully-automated state-ofthe-art alert system. The organization chose DeskAlerts, a powerful desktop
notification solution that enables faster, more effective and more cost-efficient communication.”

Government,    USA

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City of Lenexa

“We feel the our experience with DeskAlerts was successful because they have a product roadmap and they listen to customers, getting their feature requests into development. If you are on the fence of working with DeskAlerts or a different solution, just try and see – the DeskAlerts team will do their best to meet your specific company needs.”

Government, Singapore

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“Catapult Systems’ client had been using Novell’s Notification service. They were migrating away from the Novell solution to a Microsoft solution and did not have an alternative on the Microsoft platform that could meet their requirements.”

Government,  USA

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“All departments use DeskAlerts to send communication that would ordinarily be missed via email communication.”

Accounting, East Africa

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“We use DeskAlerts for IT Services notices and general organisation notices.”

Healthcare, the United Kingdom

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“We choose DeskAlerts for us to send all HSE alerts and information to all our employees easily and even they are on leave or at site when they open their PC after coming back still it will show to them all information we send through DeskAlerts when they are away.”

Oil&Energy, Oman

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“We tend not to use it for “informational” messages simply so that users get used to the fact that if a DeskAlert appears they know it’s something important and directly relevant to them and they should read it. ”

Higher Education, the United Kingdom

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