DeskAlerts Unveils White Paper Addressing Importance of Internal Communication in Healthcare Institutions

For any healthcare professional in charge of internal communications, the latest DeskAlerts white paper is a must read document.

Brief, informative and intrinsically useful, ‘How Hospital In-House Communication Can Cut Costs and Improve Service’ highlights the importance of inter employee healthcare communication, identifies major issues and offers readers an intelligent solution.

As well as identifying issues associated with traditional pager systems, the paper also sheds light on the benefits of an efficient desktop notifications system and how it can help institutions comply with benchmark standards dictated by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services.

The document reads at just over 1800 words. This makes it a quick and easy way for healthcare professionals to educate themselves on the importance of efficient internal communications and realize the benefits of purpose built software such as DeskAlerts.

From small scale surgeries to multi-level hospitals, the DeskAlerts white paper offers communications managers invaluable insight into the benefits of real time information.

Get your copy now and see the difference right away.