Updated Scrolling Ticker Module Offers Workplaces Non-Intrusive Internal Communications

Workplaces are handed a fast, easy and unobtrusive solution to keeping employees in the loop thanks to an update to the DeskAlerts desktop ticker module. Now, administrators can issue notifications in a dynamic scrolling ticker format that automatically forces other windows to resize without becoming overlapped.

Originally requested by a healthcare organization, desktop ticker module offers workplaces a way of informing employees in a timely, fluid and non-intrusive manner. The desktop based notifications box allows administrators to send RSS news feeds, article updates, links to SharePoint presentations, internal resources and more. Rather than disrupt staff with intruding alerts and notifications every time new content is issued, the desktop ticker simply resizes all open windows and dialogue boxes. After content has been read the scrolling ticker can be closed and operations can resume as normal.

As well as ensuring employees are not rudely interrupted while operating software the DeskAlerts desktop ticker module eliminates the need for staff to continually checking their emails throughout the day. Instead the module offers managers the total peace of mind that employees are receiving and reading real time updates, without the need to waste time monitoring their inboxes.

Anton Vdovin, DeskAlerts Director said, “Productivity in the workplace has a direct impact on the profitability and effectiveness of operations. It’s important for managers to minimise disruptions wherever possible and the new desktop ticker module updates do just this.”

When it comes to streamlining internal communications strategies the updated scrolling ticker module offers workplaces unsurpassed functionality. For workplaces with ever changing news, updates and information scrolling ticker module is a valuable tool. It allows administrators to upkeep a constant communications channel with employees without continually disrupting their day-today-tasks.

In healthcare environments the module is particularly useful. Employees use a handful of different patient tracking software solutions, with some vital controls situated at the bottom of the UI. The docked ticker feature allows employees to view company updates and information without interfering with the sophisticated medical software.

As always DeskAlerts engineers developed the upgrades with an underlying focus on enhancing productivity. Rather than minimize other windows or block current applications desktop ticker module simply resizes any existing interfaces. Recipients can then view messages in scrolling ticker form, then immediately return to the task at hand. The entire process is far less intrusive than conventional email communications and is designed to minimize interruptions and maximize productivity.

Administrators enjoy total control over content, with the ability to view statistics, track delivery reports, schedule notifications, set repetition times, customise with organisation branding, logo and colours, as well as consolidate all messages into a singular ticker tape. Should employees wish to review past messages they can use the ‘History’ function to quickly search and reference received messages. Active Directory/eDirectory support means DeskAlerts scrolling ticker module is able to synchronize across unlimited domains, with auto synchronization in predefined date/time also available.

The new scrolling ticker module upgrades are now available to all DeskAlerts users.

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About DeskAlerts: DeskAlerts is the alert software that works in technologically and geographically diverse networks. It is a completely web-based solution that can be used to send desktop alerts and news updates to any employee within your organization, improving communications and productivity with a more efficient communication strategy than traditional email alone. View the DeskAlerts video to find out more.

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