Effective Communication in the Workplace Gets Boost With Latest DeskAlerts Developments

The enterprise messaging system DeskAlerts has continued its May developments apace with confirmation that it has expanded and improved its policy functionality.

The move means that DeskAlerts users can create separate accounts for individual users, with their own dedicated permission and privacy settings. This means that within an organization, a range of colleagues can use DeskAlerts without having access to the full console panel.

Anton Vdovin, Project Manager at DeskAlerts, said, “Usually it’s not a good idea to grant full access to the DeskAlerts Console to all users, as this is the main tool where you actually manage notifications and recipients. With our new Policy update, clients can now quickly, easily and securely create separate accounts for editors and publishers and set specific privileges for each of them.”

The Policy update will help users achieve ever more effective communication in the workplace by opening up all of the functionality of DeskAlerts to a wider colleague base. If for example an user has a manager who they wish to engage in corporate communications, it is possible to create a unique user account from within the main console to allow that manager to create and send popup notifications to a specific list of recipients only.

This new publisher account does not give the manager to delete information or access other channels. It does mean that they can better communicate with their own time, helping to promote good corporate communications practises via the convenience of the enterprise messaging system.

Anton Vdovin, “In this new Policy update we undertook quite a lot of development work. We added more options to the policy list to extend functionality and usefulness, and made significant improvements to the interface and overall stability.”

About DeskAlerts: DeskAlerts is the only alert solution that works in technologically and geographically diverse networks. It is a completely web-based solution that can be used to send desktop alerts and news updates to any employee within your organization, improving corporate communications and productivity with a more efficient communication strategy than traditional email alone.