DeskAlerts Publishes New Infographic That Reveals Employee Engagement Can Be Increasedp6

DeskAlerts, the leading web-based employee communications tool, has published a brand new infographic which reveals that the use of a screen saver could improve employee engagement levels by as much as 17%.

The DeskAlerts infographic begins with a note that an estimated 71% of all US workers are not engaged in their work. This means that under 30% of all American organizations can claim that they are getting the best from the staff. However, research by the desktop messaging service shows an average of 17% more engagement in those organizations deploying company screen savers. This one simple trick leads to an immediate improvement in engagement levels, delivering a more pro-active, efficient and enthusiastic workforce. It also found that of an engaged workforce, 67% of employees would advocate the company, compared with a 3% advocacy rate for unengaged employees.

With these findings in mind, the DeskAlerts solution helps organizations of any size to engage their employees using a corporate screensaver as a communication channel. The screensaver can be used to convey corporate messages, send reminders and notifications and can even be personalized to give employees special recognition – for example by displaying a photo of an employee who has excelled, with a written statement of their achievements.

The DeskAlerts screensaver messaging software can also be used to quickly deliver key company news to all employees, helping to ensure they are kept in the loop when new products launch, new hires are made or other significant events occur. The screensavers can be targeted and delivered to specific machines. Best of all, because all communications are created and delivered electronically, there is no wasted spend on printing costs and delivery methods.

Anton Vdovin, Project Manager at DeskAlerts said, “Increasing employee engagement is obviously of critical importance to many businesses, given how much more a productive and positive an engaged employee will be. During our research into how engagement could be improved, we were pleased to note such strong results from the addition of the DeskAlerts corporate screensaver. It is a simple thing to set up and run but highly effective once deployed.”

The DeskAlerts corporate screensaver solution can be used to get employee attention when they are not working. Communications managers can use the system to send existing PowerPoint presentations as screensavers or work with the visual editor to create a brand new design.

About DeskAlerts: DeskAlerts is the only alert solution that works in technologically and geographically diverse networks. It is a completely web-based solution that can be used to send desktop alerts and news updates to any employee within your organization, improving communications and productivity with a more efficient communication strategy than traditional email alone.

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