p10DeskAlerts Corporate Messaging Tool Promotes Benefits of Social Media

The corporate messaging tool DeskAlerts has made it easier than ever for its clients to tap into the many benefits of social media usage with a useful new feature. The new functionality makes it efficient and easy for users of the corporate messaging tool to send messages to their social media channels through the same interface.

In a new infographic published by the firm to commemorate the social media integration, it reveals that an estimated 57% of US companies are active on social media. A total of 64% of those social media savvy firms are said to use channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for lead generation and to build overall brand awareness.

The DeskAlerts infographic shows that 47% of businesses also maintain active social media accounts for the purposes of customer service, allowing firms to interact with clients and answer customer queries via mediums such as Facebook and Twitter.

For 39% of businesses, social media is used to engage employees. Anton Vdovin, Project Manager at DeskAlerts said, “There is no doubt that social media is an intrinsic part of the modern corporate culture. As our infographic shows, there are so many potential uses and benefits to businesses that are active on social media platforms, with assets across business generation and business retention activities. On the back of this, we have now made it easier than ever to include social media in corporate communications with social media posting now integrated with the DeskAlerts dashboard. This allows users to post messages to social media for either reasons such as lead generation, brand building and employee engagement just as easily as sending a standard employee communication through DeskAlerts.”

According to DeskAlerts research, the market for social enterprise solutions software and services is predicted to reach $4.6 billion worldwide in 2014.

About DeskAlerts: DeskAlerts is the only alert solution that works in technologically and geographically diverse networks. It is a completely web-based solution that can be used to send desktop alerts and news updates to any employee within your organization, improving communications and productivity with a more efficient communication strategy than traditional email alone.

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