Emergency system

What Does an Effective Emergency System Look Like?

Most businesses will understand the need for an effective emergency notification system but, appreciating the need to notify colleagues about an emergency and actually creating an effective user-friendly system that is robust and reliable in an emergency situation are different matters entirely.

Emergency system

Emergency communication systems will vary from business to business, but there are a few basics that every solution should have in order to safeguard communications and provide emergency notifications during an emergency or disaster.

The purpose of an emergency notification system is to ensure that you can communicate with your employees in the event of a disaster. Traditionally, mass notification was telephone based and a pre-recorded message would call each employee when a crisis struck.… Read more

Employees Survey

How to Create Educational Surveys for Employees

Running a business that is product or serviced based is no easy task as your employees must all be unified with your mission vision. For this, it is highly suggested that your organization considers spending resources on an employee training plan. One very effective tool that you can use is to create surveys about your products or services that will engage your employees. Regularly creating surveys are a great for both the organization and its employees as it allows honest feedback on products and services, which a company can use to take meaningful action.

Employees Survey

The Importance of Creating Surveys

Conducting surveys is an effective means how to train staff.… Read more

security awareness training

Security Awareness: Best Methods to Educate Your Employees

Many business organizations have experienced hacking and phishing across the globe. Due to these malicious activities, a good number of these companies have lost valuable information that has affected their reputation, finances, and operations. Information security training is a good practice that prevents any hacking or scamming that has torn many businesses apart. With this type of awareness training, employees will be able to successfully avoid any theft of valuable company information. They will learn about individual responsibility, accountability, and how to conduct themselves in a manner where the company’s sensitive information is constantly safe and secure.

security awareness training


How to Organize Security Awareness Training for Employees

There are different ways to organize a training.… Read more

Business’ Corporate Communications Strategy

Your Brand Voice: A Business’ Corporate Communications Strategy

A business’ corporate communications strategy is integral in ensuring that your organization is able to communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders, as well as stay on track in terms of achieving core objectives. If a communications strategy is well thought-out and executed according to plan, a business can bet on knowing and marketing itself with a unified voice that cuts across through projects, sales, and even administrative support. A strong and steady communications strategy also guarantees minimal financial loss that may be a result of poor brand communication.

Listed below is a set of questions that an organization must ask its people to answer as it crafts a corporate communications strategy that is true to their philosophy as a brand:

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Discussing Communication Strategies

The Blueprint: Discussing Communication Strategies

Communication, in its simplest sense, is by virtue the exchange of information from a sender to a receiver. Of course, the environment wherein communication takes place accounts for the change in the type of communication, as well as the strategy that will direct its execution. A well-crafted strategy will direct an organization’s internal and external communication to more adequately represent its brand identity and recognized voice in the media. Communication strategies are important in the sense that businesses and organizations heavily rely on its communications to achieve a high level of efficiency, financial success, and general positive performance, as well as to increase workplace knowledge.… Read more

Two business colleagues shaking hands during meeting

Workplace Talk: Business Communication That Drives Success

Good communication in the workplace is a vital component of a business’ positive performance and its overall internal success. And considering the changing times and shifting realities of the work landscape – telecommuting and outsourcing manpower – it is imperative that businesses also follow suit and employ communication strategies and incorporate mechanisms that are relevant to the times. Much like this, business communication solutions are also changing to accommodate technological advancements and developing technical and commercial language.

Listed below are a few business communication solutions that will help all businesses – large or small, including yours – to achieve and to sustain positive change, in work efficiency and employee commitment:

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The Beauty of Pop-Ups: Basics of Alert Software

Even the most organized employee can forget a deadline or a set meeting if circumstances allow. Sometimes one is just too busy to keep track of prior commitments and needs a little reminding. Thankfully, reminders software are available for free for anyone with a smartphone. Gone are the days when you have to constantly look through a physical calendar – or worse, increase costs by sticking to more traditional, (yet) wasteful means of communication and documentation – to be reminded of the day’s events; now, people can be reminded multiple times or minutes before said events, as long as their phone has battery.… Read more

employee_communication_tools_survey (1)

Why Anonymous Employee Surveys May Not Help You

While we live in a time of oversharing on social media, employees continue to still feel that being vocal and telling their managers and employers how they truly feel continues to be risky and could potentially damage their careers. This has then led organizations to believe that an anonymous employee survey can help in gathering feedback from employees, while making them feel comfortable when it comes to sharing their thoughts and ideas. However, when push comes to shove, if employees are fearful to put their names to their ideas and thoughts, then there is something fundamentally wrong about how communication is being conducted in the workplace.… Read more


Using SMS Alerts in the Workplace

One of the best ways to communicate with your staff members is through text messaging. This is because the majority of employees have their phones on them at all times, and they are more likely to respond to text messages over email.

Here are some of the ways companies can utilize text messaging in the workplace in order to ensure that communication is efficient and immediate:

1. Sending reminders regarding meetings.

A lot of things go on throughout the work week that important things such as meetings and conference calls can be forgotten. One of the ways employers and managers can solve this issue is to utilize SMS alerts to make sure that those who need to be notified of meetings are informed regarding where and when the said assemblies are to be held.… Read more

Tips for Effective Peer-to-Peer Communication at Work

While having a good relationship with your staff members is important, equally vital is their relationship with each other. Majority of the time, staff members communicate, interact and work with each other. Much of the working day relies on positive communication in the workplace as well as a positive working relationship between fellow workers. Remember to communicate with your employees the importance of peer-to-peer communication in the workplace, and provide them opportunities to develop and practice their communication skills.

In order to make sure that peer-to-peer communication is positive and effective, here are some of the rules to always keep in mind.… Read more