workplace communication mistake

8 Common Workplace Communication Mistakes

Effective internal communication is vital to your organization’s success. If your employees aren’t engaged and informed, it has a flow-on effect to everything else your company sets out to achieve.

workplace communication mistake

Companies that have excellent internal communications practices often have higher productivity and profits, and report greater employee satisfaction.

When you have an effective internal communications strategy in place, you will assist your staff to fully understand the organization’s values, objectives and culture. You can build a company culture of trust and honesty, and turn your employees into brand ambassadors.

On the road to implementing excellent internal communications practices, there are a number of common mistakes that can be made.… Read more

Effects of Ineffective Workplace Communication

Effects of Ineffective Workplace Communication

When developing communications strategy, organizations should always lean towards promoting and focusing on positive communication. However, there are times that positive communication may be hard to come by or may be difficult to implement. This makes it easy for companies to fall into default and ineffective communication simply because this is what they are used to.

Why should companies make sure to prioritize positive communication over communication that has proven to be ineffective? While positive communication may be more challenging, allowing ineffective communication will only deter the progress of a business and will more likely result in less productivity and a decrease in employee morale and engagement.… Read more

Tips on How to Use Nonverbal Cues to Support Effective Workplace Communication

Tips on How to Use Nonverbal Cues to Support Effective Workplace Communication

An organization’s strategy of communication should not only take the message into consideration, but the delivery of the said message. The delivery of the message includes nonverbal communication or body language which is made up of tone, facial expressions, eye contact, body gestures and even breathing. The way you look and move when you deliver your message says as much about your thoughts and emotions as the actual message does.

When you are able to understand nonverbal communication, not only will you be more effective in communicating what you want to say, you will be better able to connect with others and build stronger relationships with people at work.… Read more

Solutions to Improve Workplace Communications

Solutions to Improve Workplace Communications

Today’s workplace relies heavily on office communication software to relay messages and connect with staff members. Remember that effective communication helps increase the productivity, creativity and engagement of employees; however, poor communication could potentially lead to misunderstandings and friction and could negatively affect a company’s bottom line.

Fortunately, the following applications and solutions are now readily available and customizable for any company to use – regardless of size or industry:

1. Chat and Instant Messengers.

Office communication software such as chat applications and instant messengers allow for the dissemination and sharing of information in real time.… Read more

Tips to Improve Workplace Communication

Tips to Improve Workplace Communication

Communication in the workplace is vital to the success of any organization and relationship. While personal relationships cannot thrive without good communication, so do professional relationships. As a matter of fact, poor communication in the workplace says a lot about the company as well as the people who work in the business. The longer poor communication plagues an organization, the more likely it is to meet its downfall.

Luckily, here are some methods businesses can opt for in order to improve communications at work:

1. Checking in with staff members regularly.

Checking up on your employees on a regular basis not only helps update you on the progress on projects, but it also makes workers feel like they are valued enough to be asked about how they are doing.… Read more

Two business colleagues shaking hands during meeting

Workplace Talk: Business Communication That Drives Success

Good communication in the workplace is a vital component of a business’ positive performance and its overall internal success. And considering the changing times and shifting realities of the work landscape – telecommuting and outsourcing manpower – it is imperative that businesses also follow suit and employ communication strategies and incorporate mechanisms that are relevant to the times. Much like this, business communication solutions are also changing to accommodate technological advancements and developing technical and commercial language.

Listed below are a few business communication solutions that will help all businesses – large or small, including yours – to achieve and to sustain positive change, in work efficiency and employee commitment:

1.Read more

Nonverbal Communication in the Workplace

No matter how good a strategy of communication is, if communicators are not aware of their nonverbal communication in the workplace, communication will more likely fail.

Nonverbal communication involves the transmission of information that is added on to the words being said during an interaction. Remember that what you say is as important as how you say it and relay it.

Types of Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal cues and communication methods people utilize in order to relay information include:

1. Facial expressions

Human beings express their thoughts and feelings through facial expressions. We can use our eyes, mouth, eyebrows and other parts of the face to convey our message and emotions such as hurt, anger and happiness.… Read more

improving communication with digital signage

Improving Communication in the Workplace with Digital Signage

Employee engagement is a critical aspect of any company that wants to achieve its business goals and to make sure that staff members are committed to their work and the business they work for. In order to achieve employee engagement, it is then important for businesses to focus on communication.

Effective communication in the workplace is representative of the company and what it stands for and values. It allows companies to go through rough patches and challenges with transparency and honesty, and it enables businesses to create a work environment that values inclusivity and involvement. While there are many ways to get employees engaged, forward-thinking businesses today have turned to digital solutions to make sure that employees are engaged and satisfied with their work and company.… Read more


Learning Effective Communication for the Workplace

In all aspects of life, communication is extremely important. Think back on all the times ineffective communication or miscommunication has made a negative impact on your life – whether it be in your relationship with your spouse, friends, children or even co-workers. Effective communication makes sure that relationships are made stronger instead of weaker. Proper communication allows everyone to be on the same page, and for things to be easier and flow a lot smoother. When communication is done correctly, you are able to get your point across and people are able to understand your message. Strategies for effective communication are then extremely important to make sure that interactions flow as smoothly as possible, and relationships are further strengthened.… Read more

Why You Should Tend to and Measure Poor Communication in the Workplace

Why You Should Tend to and Measure Poor Communication in the Workplace 

When companies face issues when it comes to finances or customer relations, you can expect leaders and managers to find out exactly what the organization has been doing wrong, and what they can do to remedy the problems. Not only will they want to make sure that these issues are kept an eye on, they will also want to adjust their strategies and methods to make sure that those particular problems do not occur again in the future. This should also be true when it comes to communication issues in the workplace.… Read more